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When A Father Prays

This play is about the power of a praying father as he is forced to see that his wife needs reinforcement to save their children from sin, shame and generational strongholds when their hidden secrets are exposed.

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Confessions Of A Man

This play gives insight into how men really feel about women. It reveals what they think, what they want and need from a woman. Our intent is to help women understand that all men don’t have the same motives and why they treat certain women differently from others.

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Shattered But Not Broken

This play is based on the book, “Your Ruby’s Worth.” The story evolves arounds the growth and development of a bi-racial woman’s struggles and tests of self-identity and domestic violence as she rises from Victim to Victory. It focuses on how each of us has something beautiful about us, even if it’s damaged or hidden […]

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This play is about the silent impact and the generational effect that domestic abuse left on a child, a woman and a man. God always provides an escape route and our hope is that anyone who may feel trapped and defeated will know that they are not alone and they can make a change and […]

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This play is about four childhood friends who felt they lost their dreams and are living a façade but the learn from the hearts of children that it is never too late to birth a dream. So, they pick up where they left off to rewrite their destiny.

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